TK’s Thoughts: No. 1

So I decided to start this blog in an attempt to not only catalog my thoughts but in an effort to try and reach as many people as I can.

Allow me to reintroduce myself!


Long story long I spent time as a terrific, yes I just patted myself on the back, DJ for the past decade. And just a liiiitle north of 30, this guy decided to become a full blown artist.

I honestly don’t even know what that means. I’ve released songs with major label artists, independent artists, my own instrumental music - so I’m familiar with the “spotlight” but I guess this is the first time I have something to “say”.

Either way, I’ve decided to share my daily journey with you. I hope to check-in at least once/day with some sort of status update, question, piece of information or random thought.

I urge everyone of you to be interactive, engaged, thoughtful, compassionate and respectful of not only my artistic pursuits but everyone’s opinions, feelings, preferences, whatever…

Also, periodically I’ll sneak secret links here of music and other little gems of content that I don’t post anywhere else - as a thank you for reading!

Make sure you hit me up on the socials! DM me, email me, whatever you want… let’s connect!

- TK

Today, I dropped a new song

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